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The most successful leaders are also the most successful communicators.

Whether on video or in person, they don’t go it alone and they don’t fake it. With the kind of judgments that are made these days, from Wall Street to Main Street, no decision maker can afford to “wing it” anymore.

The fact is, practice and training make you better at what you do, no matter what you do. Practice and training with an expert saves you both time and money.

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Know your audience and exceed their expectations. We’ll show you how.

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Get a communication partner who knows and can teach. Meet Clear Comm’s Cary Pfeffer.

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Can’t afford one-on-one coaching for your team? Get this exclusive CD set packed with expert coaching tips.


Maintain clear communication with your most important audience.

Whether you are in front of a live audience, a single microphone or five network television cameras, people who are important to you will make up their minds within 15 seconds or less. That’s not much of a margin for error.

Increase your level of success, help your bottom line and help yourself and the key players around you. Call ClearComm now and get started with a plan to make everyone on your team better at what they do every day.


What’s Your Worth?

Entrepreneurs – especially small business owners and folks who are just getting started – will often ask me how to charge for their services. Great question! I wish there was a simple answer, and it has been a struggle for me over the years. For that reason, let's...

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Being the Best. Always.

I had a weird thought recently while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room. What went through my mind was this: “I want to be the best patient this doctor sees today.” This was my first time seeing this person and I found myself thinking how I was going to be the...

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Two great words: “What if…”

Your first words should always be great. That should be your only standard. If you stand up to speak, your first words should grab the audience – make them want to hear more. If you are writing, it should be clear from the first words that this will be a worthwhile...

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