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The Monthly Memo.

Talking Points Troubles

The trouble with talking points – planned answers for difficult or tricky questions – is that they too often SOUND like talking points! Whether you are pro golfer Phil Mickelson explaining why he is taking huge money to set up a rival golf tour or just about any...

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Stop Doing This!

We’ve all fallen into this trap. We are asked a question and instead of answering, we throw in a bunch of extra words and sounds which only get in the way. Here’s how it plays out - see if you have heard it: A person is asked a straightforward question, like “What is...

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What’s Your Worth?

Entrepreneurs – especially small business owners and folks who are just getting started – will often ask me how to charge for their services. Great question! I wish there was a simple answer, and it has been a struggle for me over the years. For that reason, let's...

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Being the Best. Always.

I had a weird thought recently while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room. What went through my mind was this: “I want to be the best patient this doctor sees today.” This was my first time seeing this person and I found myself thinking how I was going to be the...

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Two great words: “What if…”

Your first words should always be great. That should be your only standard. If you stand up to speak, your first words should grab the audience – make them want to hear more. If you are writing, it should be clear from the first words that this will be a worthwhile...

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Tips for Great Storytelling

Want to advance your career or grow your business? Become a better storyteller. Stories that are well told stick in people’s minds, they connect us and they are often much easier to relate to than any other form of communication. To get started on the storytelling...

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There is a correct way to say “Thanks.”

Perhaps you’ve never given this idea a thought – and if you haven’t that’s okay –but there is a right and a wrong way to say “Thanks.” Given what we are celebrating right now, it only seems fitting to explore this idea. If you’re skeptical, I understand. This is a...

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Issues with confidence? I have answers!

Quite often over the last almost 20 years of consulting work I have been asked to work with people who seem unconfident in front of an audience or in important meetings. For many of these individuals, the lack of confidence feels like an unconquerable mountain when...

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Presenting Yourself Virtually

     So, how long has it been since you checked your LinkedIn picture? Continuing a thread I started with my last Monthly Memo, today’s focus is selling YOU in the virtual world. I had a chance to share some of these thoughts with the west coast gathering of Women in...

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Marketing in the Virtual World

If you’ve always counted on personal contact to spread the word about your business or service, the last 18 months have been challenging! What have you done to keep connected? I plan to write a couple of Memos on the topic and would be happy to share your thoughts....

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