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The Monthly Memo.

Listening – the most overlooked communication skill

My wish for you in the upcoming month is for you to become a better listener. That simple act opens doors, deepens friendships and just makes life easier. Too good to be true? Read on. When the word communication comes to mind for most of us, we immediately think of...

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It’s a Small World – and Getting Smaller!

Albany, New York is a great place, I’m sure, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been there. Here’s the weird thing. A bunch of people in Albany will be reading my book thanks to the very small world in which we live. Out of the blue, I recently learned my book is being...

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“The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is” – Yoda

If it is the upcoming grand finale of the NFL season or the latest business idea to take flight, we often focus on the winners. They hold the trophy, they get the attention and the headlines. But consider for our purposes right now, the other side of the coin. I would...

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It Better be Good!

With the Holidays upon us AND my 150th Monthly Memo here, my thoughts turn to all I am thankful for and all I have learned over the last 15 years. If I can confer the key lessons for this 150th Memo I can end the year on the right note, so here goes. 20+ years as a...

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So How Do You Handle a Bully?

With the attention on Harvey Weinstein specifically, but also questions swirling around generally pushy, boorish behavior, there comes the question, just how do you handle a bully? How can you best react when someone seems determined to inflict his will upon you?...

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What is the Exact Moment You Become a Person of Influence?

It’s when you finally become CEO, right? I mean, isn’t that what the world seems to teach us? In our CEO-centric existence, it is the CEO who makes the most important decisions and is the center of the circle of influence for any organization. Well, I can tell you the...

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Some Words We Should Ban from Business Speak

The mission is not easy. We want to find the perfect word or words to describe our skill set. Then we are told certain words attract the attention of recruiters or customers. That combination of factors turns us into a bunch of same-sounding robots spewing similar...

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How to Act Around Famous People

Crew members on Steve Harvey’s TV shows were supposedly told they were not to talk to or bother Mr. Harvey. Similar stories I’ve heard go back to Dick Clark’s production company, where crew members were apparently told not to make eye contact with Dick unless he was...

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What is the Best Way to Handle Networking Follow-Up?

      There is a delicate balancing act in networking. You don’t want to appear too eager – as if you had nothing better to do – while also following up in a way that shows you are thoughtful and attentive. So, what does that look like? Perhaps you have a pile of...

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