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The Monthly Memo.

Correctly Messaging During Difficult Times

First, I hope you are safe - and think this might be helpful. Walking a fine line, you want to reach out to colleagues and clients, but you don’t want to seem opportunistic or inappropriate. Perhaps you have a specific way to be helpful, but how do you let them know?...

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Communicating with Employees in a Divisive Election Year

The scenario is on the minds of leaders at companies large and small going into Election 2020. “What do we do about employees combining our brand with their opinions during the most divisive election season this country has seen in decades?” Organizations envision...

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Think of Each Communication Experience in 3-D

There are three important moving parts in any communication experience – and keeping each in mind will serve you well every single day. Seeing and understanding the three parts helps you balance your message and heighten the impact of that message – otherwise, and...

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Avoid These Crisis Missteps That Never Seem to Go Away

If there was a surefire way to stay out of trouble, would you take it? Of course you would. So why do we see the same stumbles again and again in public life? I was reminded of these oft-repeated mistakes during a recent episode involving a senior leader with the...

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Need to Come Up with Good Ideas? Here’s a Roadmap

After writing 167 different Monthly Memos it can be hard to come up with a new idea – which proved to be the inspiration for this very one! We all face it at one time or another. A new idea or approach is needed and you end up as the “Committee of One” to handle that...

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Want Job Security? Be a Translator!

The most fun in writing the Monthly Memo is seeing something happen in the marketplace and then being it able to share it.Such is the case with this Memo, based on the conversations I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks and then thinking about what it means for the...

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Too Stiff? Too Folksy? How to Find the Balance

People who do what I do for a living often have shorthand expressions when people stand up and speak. Just like a baseball coach might say a batter is “too aggressive” because they swing at lots of bad pitches, there is a way of slotting people into a speaker...

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You Receive Bad Career News. Then what?

Firings. Layoffs. Downsizing. Outsourcing. Limited buyouts. Through my official duties and unofficial experience (and a personal episode) I’ve had opportunities to learn a lot about how best to handle bad career news. Besides providing counsel for high-profile execs,...

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Improve Your Writing by Better Using White Space

What makes writing work? My journalism professors would tell you it comes down to using five words where someone else might use twenty. Just as importantly it is, of course, about picking each word carefully, no matter the number you use. It is said Ernest Hemingway...

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The Subtle Business of Doing Follow-Up Right

Here’s the scene: you’ve been wanting to meet with someone and the day finally arrives. The meeting goes well, and then what? How do you best follow-up and make sure it keeps the spirit of all of the good things that took place during your visit, reminding the person...

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